(Material-)Data Service and Supplier Communication

tec4U-Solutions supports you throughout the complete data management process with:

  • Data research

  • Data validation

  • Data communication with suppliers and customers

  • Data processing / data entry (e.g. DataCross, IMDS, CDX, BomCheck et al.)

Our credo is that Material Compliance is an integral task that can only be carried out by dealing with the supplier as a partner.

The system for supplier communication needs to be easy to handle as well as the kind of communication has to be individual.

Material Compliance Checks

We check the material compliance of your products regarding worldwide regulations by using our compliance software CoChecker.
When performing a CoCheck, the material requirements of your products are processed and the data checked according to individual filter settings. The results are displayed in traffic-light form, showing you at a glance whether or not you are compliant and where further action is needed. The generated report also presents detailed recommendations and instructions on how to proceed. https://cochecker.de/en/service.html