Material Compliance Solutions

Material Compliance Software Solution DataCross

Software DataCross combines material data communication and material compliance assessment in one and the same system.

Scope of use:

  • Communication of material compliance information as substances of very high concern, REACH-Annex XIV substances, RoHS substances, safety data sheets, certificates of compliance and customer requirements

  • Product compliance with laws & customer requirements

  • Supplier evaluation in terms of material compliance

  • Implementing DIN EN 50581/IEC 63000

  • Quantifying substances risks

  • Reducing business and personal risks

Material Compliance Software Solution CoChecker

Software for checking full-declared material data with respect to laws, regulations, standards and customer specifications: CoChecker

Scope of use:

  • Monitor material specific product compliance in the automotive as well as electrical industry.

Material Compliance Software Solution GeMaSy

Software for hazardous substances management: GeMaSy

Scope of use:

  • Documentation of used hazardous substances and management of material safety data sheets

  • Preparation of operating instructions and hazard assessments