Data management

Data management forms the knowledge base of a business. The data quality and the ability to access it determines the product’s success on the market, which means that the data quality also has a direct effect on the product quality, product price and delivery date.

Our product data quality focus includes:

  • Development data
    (Product specifications, other applicable documents, GTCs, etc.)

  • Product data
    (Product parameters, change processes, product lifespan, quality requirements, material management, etc.)

  • Purchasing data
    (Product specifications for purchased parts and materials, other applicable
    documents, GTCs, etc.)

  • Production data
    (Production procedures, testing procedures, quality requirements, etc.)

  • Analysis

The collection, administration and updating of the data on particular process milestones is often difficult to describe through internal measures due to dynamic product development and the frequency with which products are changed. tec4U takes this as a reason to become active on behalf of its customers and to support them actively in the management of their data. Our particular focus is in the area of consumer goods, in which liability risk can arise due to insufficient data quality. This liability risk can be civil or criminal.