Tool integration

In the supply industry in particular there is a range of compulsory guidelines for delivering a product and compiling material data, which in the end is used to decide on whether to accept a delivery and the status of the supplier.

MDS.web : Hybrid Compliance Management System = Data Hybrid Technology (Data Documentation – Data Inspection)

The MDS.web covers the entire parts list and material data management process, including data inspection, and optimizes it further through efficient documentation and an open architecture that can be adapted to match existing processes and IT structures.

MDS.web features

  • Handling of product-related parts list systems

  • Management instructions (laws, regulations, market)

  • Middleware for combining product information with material values

  • Data systems covering the entire supply chain

  • Target/actual comparison of product requirements

tec4U not only provides the correct IT to match your needs, but also ensures that it is integrated seamlessly into your existing structures.